Our Electrical Engineer Troubleshooting Scope of Work :


  • Gen-set Synchronizing (Manual/ Auto)
  • Gen-set Load Sharing
  • Engine/ Gen-set Load Hunting
  • Power Back-up (Diesel Power Station)
  • Generator (Main Stator, Main Exciter or PMG) Rewinding Works.
  • Diesel Engine Protective Devices/ Safety Devices and Instruments

BUILDING (Office, Warehouse, Workshop, Mall, Hotel, Hospital, Manufacturing & Shipyard) :

  • Panels, AMF/ATS, Change Over Switch/ COS, Motor Pumps Starter, Capacitor Bank)
  • Panel Protection Relays
  • Metering/ Monitoring Devices
  • Induction Motors Rewinding
  • Frequency Inverters/ VSD/ VFD/ Soft Starter/ DOL/ Star-Delta Starter
  • Lighting System
  • System Control/ Module Card
  • Conveyor
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Load Bank


  • Main Switch Board
  • Navigation Panel Light
  • Motor pumps/ Anchor Winch
  • Auxilliary Engine
  • Emergency Gen-set

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