Over Current Relay

Protection Relays

Definite Time Over Current Relay (Panel Mounting 96x96mm)
Brand: Broyce Control
Type: P-9625
Definite Time (DT) Over current relay
  • True R.M.S. measurements
  • Individual Trip Level adjustment for each phase
  • Adjustable Delay setting
  • Test and Reset button for simulating and clearing of fault condition
  • Red LED indication of which phase has been triggered
  • Red LED indication of actual tripped condition
  • Green LED indication for Auxiliary power supply presence
  • Microprocessor based (self checking) with non-volatile memory
  • Terminals suitable for 2 x 2.5mm2
  • wires (complete with protective cover)
The P9625 (from the P9600 series family of IDMT/ DT relays) is a microprocessor based relay designed to monitor and detect Over currents in 3-phase applications. Typically the P9625 is wired in conjunction with external current transformers (1 per phase) of the feeder to be protected.

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