Manual & Auto Start Mode Control Module

The DSE3110 is an outstanding compact control module that provides a comprehensive range of features for single-set applications. The controller can be used in manual or auto start mode.

DSE3110, Manual or Auto Start Mode

Key Features & Key Benefits

Standard engine and electronic CANbus variants.
Instant integration with both standard and modern electronically controlled engines.
Configurable inputs/outputs (6 digital inputs/4 outputs – 2 outputs configurable on magnetic pick-up variant).
Provides multiple installation options.
Remote start input.
Provides a simple connection to operate the generator from a remote location.
Comprehensive display parameters.
Provides instant notification of generator voltage, generator frequency, battery voltage, engine speed and run hours via one button navigation.
Engine pre-heat.
Warms the engine to a safe temperature at start-up to increase engine life.
Configurable timers & alarms.
Provides excellent system flexibility.
Large back-lit icon LCD display.
Displays information to the operator in a clear and concise format.
DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.
Provides complete user-friendly configuration and easy-to-use high-level system control & monitoring.
  • Additional Features
  • LED & LCD alarm indications.
  • Power save mode.
  • Alternative configuration.
  • Shutdown warning protection for multiple fault conditions.
  • Tamper-proof hours counter.

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Synchronizing & Load Sharing Control Module

The DSE8610 is an intelligent mono display auto start load share control module packed with industry leading features to enhance multi-set control. The module can be synchronised with up to 32 generators within the same system.

DSE8610, Auto Start Load Share (Synchronizing & Load Sharing) Control Module

Key Features & Key Benefits

32-set synchronization, Offers optimum flexibility for system expansion, Configurable inputs/outputs (11/8), Provides multiple installation options.
Dead bus sensing, Provides rapid power delivery on multi-set systems, Remote communications (RS232, RS485, Ethernet), Provides secure and simple off site monitoring. All ports are continuously active, Direct governor & AVR control, Eliminates the requirement for external control equipment, kW & kV Ar load sharing, Provides controlled power delivery, Configurable event log (250), Provides access to historical alarms and operational status, Integral PLC editor, Ensures additional applications are easily integrated into the system, Load switching, load shedding & dummy load outputs, Allows load options and dummy load requirements to be independently controlled, Power monitoring (kW h, kVAr, kv Ah, kV Ar h), reverse power protection, kW overload protection, Provides clear accurate power measurement information, Data logging (USB Memory Stick), Provides current and historical status information, DSE Configuration Suite PC Software, Provides complete user-friendly configuration and easy-to-use high-level system control & monitoring, Tier 4 CAN engine support, Ensures the control module can be used with the latest in modern electronic engine technology.

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